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28-Day Training for Transformation Challenge

Training for Transformation is a strength training program for women design to help:

  • Sculpt lean muscles

  • Lose body fat

  • Feel more energized

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Boost your balance

  • Feel stronger, healthier, and more confident


Not only can you transform your body but, adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I’m here to guide you, encourage you, pray with you, and push you to step outside of your comfort zone. Let’s build your confidence muscle, unlock your potential, and ignite your power.

My passion is to help women reshape their bodies, shift their minds, and transform their lives forever.

I believe that giving back to others is key for happiness and thus the real meaning of success.

The idea of being part of your transformational journey is the very reason why I chose this path in life and the driving force behind my health and wellness programs. The Training for Transformation Program will guide you as you train and transform your body, mind, and soul.

Here’s what’s included the Training for Transformation Program: 

  • 28 Days of Comprehensive Programming

  • HIIT workouts targeting fat loss and body sculpting

  • Recovery movement and meditation exercises

  • Easy to Follow workouts you can do at home or in the gym

  • Video Descriptions and Tutorials of Movements

  • Two group coaching calls with me to uncover possible obstacles and create a plan for success

  • Access to my exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with me and other T4Ters. The group will give the extra encouragement and inspiration needed as we actively support each other. If you’ve never joined a group like this before, believe me: this is the best part

Here’s what’s you can learn from the Training for Transformation Program:

  • Ideas of foods to eat to help achieve your goals while improving your health and overall body composition

  • How to train effectively and safely to achieve results

  • Ways to fight against “plateaus” or “hitting the wall”

  • Movements that require only free weights and your own body weight. You’ll rely on simple equipment that will enable you to feel confident around at home or the gym and equip you to be able to work out almost anywhere.

  • How to read your labels (a game changer), recover, and stay injury free


Strength training can benefit you in all aspects of your life. So let's put it in your fitness plan! Join the Training for Transformation Challenge and feel stronger, healthier, and more confident!


Are you ready to get started on October 17th? Great!


Know what's even better?

This 28 Day Transformation is just $28.


Health is one of our greatest investments.

What are you waiting for? 

Have questions? Great!

Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Ready to have your transformation?

Janet Polite-Penn


Janet Polite-Penn -  aka “Coach J” is a health strategist with over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Exercise Instructor, and Martial Arts Instructor, Coach J encourages women to Hit ReFresh on Healthy Living. With faith, focus on healthy habits and follow-through, women can build a better, happier, and healthier version of themselves.


“I am passionate about helping women Hit ReFresh on their health habits so they can lose weight, increase energy, lower stress, and become clear and confident of their worth and purpose.”


Hit ReFresh with Janet!

Contact me at


Money-back guarantee: I believe my 28-Day Training for Transformation Challenge will help you feel and look better. If you follow the protocols and you find that doesn’t happen for you, just send an email to within seven days of signing up and I’ll refund your money within 72 business hours, no questions asked. There’s absolutely no risk – if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back.

Privacy policy: I respect your privacy and hate spam as much as you do. I promise to never sell, rent or otherwise share your private contact information.



Disclaimer + Terms of Use: Medical Disclaimer: This information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to educate you about how to take care of your body and as a self-help tool for your own use so that you can reach your own health goals. It is not intended to treat or cure any specific illness and is not to replace the guidance provided by your own medical practitioner. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment. If you suspect you have a medical problem, we urge you to take appropriate action by seeking medical attention.

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